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Northland Express Transport has been in business for over 40 years and we specialize in serving businesses with heavy seasonal shipping demands and complex freight needs. We know how to provide capacity.  

We haul about 2000 Holiday loads per year out of OR, WA, MI, NC, WI and PQ.  

We also specialize in complex freight involving multiple pickups, multiple deliveries and often requiring driver assist. These are a things other brokers and trucking companies may avoid, but are the backbone of our business. 

We work hard to understand each customer’s unique business and transportation needs. Some bring us in as an extension of their internal Logistics Department to manage and transport 1 to 30 loads a day. Other customers rely on us to be their entire Logistics Team, providing Loadbuilding & Route Optimization, loading dock and delivery scheduling and transport for 30 to 100 loads per day! Still others ask us to cover just a few loads a month. We strive to provide all of these customers with the same level of dedication, outstanding communication and transportation know-how.

 The services we provide are made possible by the work and dedication of our Carriers and we've worked hard over the years to earn the reputation with those drivers and companies as an ethical and fair broker. This helped us build a nationwide network of over 6,000 carriers and allows us to position trucking capacity throughout the country on short notice.

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Northland Express Transport (1)

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