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The wise Muhammad Yunnus once said "having a business as a way to solve a social problem is a great alternative to today's common methods" Here at BUSCO LLC we believe that our commercial forest farms are the best solution to regenerate forests and create oxygen.

Non-government and government organizations will be unable to compete at the pace that a business does, due to readily available capital, thus allowing for faster paced action towards a meaningful change.

Here at BUSCO LLC we strive to positively impact our world through our main objectives:

  • Create a sustainable way to maintain Christmas trees farms productive.
  • Permanence, we are not looking for a 10-15-year long project, we are looking towards a future spanning generation.
  • To aid in the teaching of families and younger generations the importance of caring for our environment. Trees are part of the circle of life.

We strive towards a bright future; we want our dream to be success story for all of those involved in creating it and also for those communities that surround us in reaching our goal of generating a positive impact on our world and our environment through sustainable farming practices, removing large amounts CO2 and pumping precious oxygen into our atmosphere.

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Contact Person Name:Natasha Renteria Coronado
Contact Email: natasha@unlimited.com.mx
Website: https://www.icitrees.com/
Phone Number:(760) 881-0048
Alternate Phone Number:(971) 678-7396
Fax Number:503-905-8100

Busco LLC

33000 S Molalla Forest Rd